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The platform will reach all demographics & ethnicities using news, video, entertainment and education.  A platform to impress people to think and connect emotionally.  

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"Truth Matters Only To The Extent People Want It To Matter!"

iPresident questions the science, the data and the studies while arguing outside the box.  Indeed there is a hunger that can be harnessed by providing rich food that resonates with all generations. iPresident studies the past to see the future.

iPresident Launches Nationwide Search to Elect the 1st iPresident of the United States

iPresident of the United States, the #1 platform powered by the voices of the next generation announces the nationwide search for the first iPresident of the United States. The online search gives aspiring candidates a shot at history, that unique person that can become the voice that connects a divided country. This exciting opportunity is a pathway for anyone with a dream to inspire, engage and encourage with a voice of hope for the next generation. The online platform features future leaders using real auditions, iVotes, and an online election. America has 350 Million Voices, but there will be only one iPresident to impact the world.

 “There is no better time than right now to host a nationwide casting call for the FIRST iPresident of the United States, an alternative reality platform powered by the voice of the next generation, where humanity intersects with technology, driving positive change.”

“We are searching for iPresident candidates nationwide. Interested and passionate candidates can start the process by filling out a form under auditions.  The potential candidate will be given a short script to use for their audition. The candidates will be introduced to the public who will get a chance to iVote for the candidate that says something worth saying in a way that is worth listening to.”

The first ever nationwide search for the iPresident of the United States allows candidates to demonstrate by their speech that “there is good in the world and it is worth fighting for. Goodness is the deepest truth about the human story.”

iPresidential candidates showcase their message and ideas from anywhere in America. The search for the iPresident of the United States declares, “A beating heart is a voice. A voice that can and should be heard. A voice can be a bandage to heal a nation’s wounds.” Every global decision made impacts the future, and iPresident wants to create an alternative platform for voices to communicate real issues, real people.

iPresident auditions are ongoing. Auditioning is a simple process that allows potential candidates to give a quick speech that inspires the public.



The voice of President James A. Garfield...

“There are men & women who make the world better just by being the kind of people they are.  They have the gift of kindness or courage or loyalty or integrity.  They teach the truth by living it.”

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